I live, eat, breathe Harry Potter

Jane Austen is my Wonder Woman.

A Corgi named Albus is my dream pooch. 

I intensely wish I was British. 

(Consult the above)

Since I was little, I've loved to write. Not quite the notion of creating stories, but the physical act of pen to paper. I loved the synchronization of brain to hand to stroke to paper. I reveled in the unintended calm it brought. I found myself writing my name, 'Emma Cole Emma Cole Emma Cole', until my hand was stiff with use.

Fast forward through 5 years of design school, and I was brought back to what I now know is called lettering and calligraphy. A calm semester abroad, and an admittedly long lecture class, led me to lettering daily. My hobby turned freelance, and here we are.

I would love to work with you in bringing your visions to life. I get my kicks by capturing an essence, a mood, an energy, and translating it for you to share. Whether you are a bride, an event planner, an upcoming graduate, or a mommy-to-be, I would be honored to help make your event, space, or day that much sweeter.